Full name:



Great White Shark




Lagoon Resident

Natural color:



Hawthorne, Filmore, Ernest

Family members:

Megan (wife), Herman (son)

Sherman is a dim-witted, easy-going and well meaning shark. He is married and has a son.

He’s a happy-go-lucky shark who might share a popsicle with you one day and eat you the next. Being a great white shark, Sherman’s hardware is daunting, however his software was never properly installed. The other Lagoonies take comfort in the fact that whatever intelligence he does possess is completely negated by his laziness. The only person Sherman manages to outsmart consistently is Captain Quigley, a crusty old fisherman who would give anything to see him stuffed, mounted, and hanging in a Red Lobster.

His relationship with his wife Megan is usually sweet, but at times can be rocky due to his laziness, stupidity, obnoxious behavior and her controlling personality. He also is hopelessly out of touch with her.

He also has a complete lack of manners and social graces and he is rather immature..

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